Coldstream Guards


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24 july 13 139 _60009256_hi014656307 _60014912_hi014656909British monument,Hougoumont DM Fitzgerald,Hougoumont Drum and musket,1815 Officer detail,1815 Officers,Hougoumont Sergeant,CG-circa1815 Sword and drum,1815 WO2,Hougoumont 2ic-pointing 3PLT ELLIOT24 july 13 174 24 july 13 184 8663_685366984825205_1673227912_n 556901_448019098559996_1465670137_n Changing of the Colourscrouching CSgt McHugh DSCF2357 DSCF7356 group in scrubHM The Queen meets serving soldiers from the Battalion LOND-2013-136-023 machine guns mortar loading photo (26) photo (31) Picture 1 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 7 Picture 8 Picture 10 Sharpshooter Rifle