Coldstream Guards

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The Charitable Funds are grouped together by the Charity Commissioners as the ‘General Charities for the benefit of the Coldstream Guards Regiment’. They are accepted charities and recognised by the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales under the charity number 3939582.


Sources of Income. Income is derived from:

  • Regimental One Day’s Pay scheme.
  • Retired Officers’ Subscriptions.
  • Investment Dividends.
  • Regimental Headquarters PRI Shop Sales including Christmas Cards.
  • Donations and Legacies.
  • Fund Raising Events.
  • Archive Search Fees.


Purpose. The purpose is to provide assistance to Coldstreamers, both serving and retired, their wives and dependants.

Speed of Response. Assistance can be given rapidly if the need is urgent.

Range of Assistance. Examples to illustrate the range of assistance are given below: