Coldstream Guards


Regimental Headquarters Coldstream Guards is based in Wellington Barracks, London. There is a small staff of 4 civil servants headed up by the Regimental Adjutant, a retired Colonel, plus a regular Captain who is part time equerry to HM the Queen and recruiting officer, a regular WO2 (RQMS) responsible for the issue and accounting for ceremonial clothing and equipment, a regimental clerk, storeman, and PRI clerk. There are several volunteers who work on the archives and organising events.

The principle function of RHQ is to provide a secretariat for the Colonel of the Regiment and the Regimental Lieutenant Colonel so that they can carry out their leadership roles, which are:

Cultivating the soul and ethos of the Regiment:

  • Leading the Regimental hierarchy.
  • Maintaining civic and territorial connections.
  • Selecting potential officers.
  • Providing advice to retired and serving officers.

Maintaining esprit-de-corps through:

  • The observance of high standards and ethos.
  • Control, or advice on, regimental organisations, charities, funds, property, museums, memorials and commemorations.
  • Promotion of internal competition.
  • Attendance at parades, services of remembrance, repatriations, funerals, re-unions, support to casualties and unit visits.

Promoting Regimental interests through:

  • Maintaining goodwill and liaison between all parts of the Regiment, including affiliated cadets, recruits under-going training at ITC Catterick, regulars, reservists, veterans and families.
  • Liaison with the MoD regarding any changes to titles, dress, accoutrements or anything of a ceremonial matter that requires approval of the Sovereign.


RHQ team:  left to right, Captain Olley (Regimental Recruiting Officer), Gdsm Christie (PRI), Captain Matthews (Assistant Regimental Adjutant), WO1  Hutt, Colonel Vandeleur (Regimental Adjutant), LSgt Strudwick (Regimental Clerk), LCpl Duckworth (Stores),Gdsm Martinson (Archives)