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Coldstream Guards. Welcome to the official website of the Coldstream Guards. The Coldstream Guards was founded in 1650 as Monck’s Regiment of Foot and was part of Cromwell’s New Model Army. It became known as the Coldstream Guards in 1670, on the death of General Monck, its first Colonel. It is the oldest regiment in continuous existence in today’s modern British Army. Its motto is “Second to None” or “Nulli Secundus”.

The Regiment consists of a Regimental Headquarters, the 1st Battalion (a war-fighting light role infantry battalion), Number 7 Company (a ceremonial company), the Regimental Band (a world famous marching band), and the Regimental Association (the veterans organisation). The Coldstream Guards has been at the forefront of recent British military operations serving in both Iraq (2005) and in Afghanistan (2007, 2009-10 and 2014).


17 - 20 September 2014

We are organising an epic fundraising bike ride from Wellington Barracks to Bennecourt in France from 17 - 20 September 2014.  Don't miss out on this wonderful occasion.  It will be tremendous fun and, because we expect places to be filled swiftly, you should confirm your level of involvement NOW!

To register:

  • As a rider click HERE to download the form
  • As a member of the support crew HERE

To make a donation click HERE to download the form that includes a GiftAid declaration

To see a copy of the letter from The Chairman of Trustees, The Colonel of The Regiment and The Regimental Lieutenant Colonel, click HERE 

We will take 150 cyclists from Wellington Barracks to Bennecourt, which is twinned with the town of Coldstream and situated just to the west of Paris. We will set off from Wellington Barracks on 17th September 2014 with the serving element of the Regiment from the recently returned 1st Battalion, a veteran contingent and Regimental friends and family, arriving in Bennecourt on Saturday 20th September 2014. There will be a WW1 commemoration in Bennecourt with the citizens of the town and French authorities, a big party on the banks of the Seine, followed by a Battlefield tour along the route of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalions’ Retreat to the Marne in September 1914 (organised and advertised separately). Each cyclist will be expected to raise a minimum of £1,600 (plus £400 Gift Aid, thus achieving £2,000).

We need your support. You, members of your family and your friends are encouraged to get on a bike and ask your friends and colleagues to sponsor you! If you’re unable to ride a bike, then please get involved in other ways; sponsor someone taking part; get a friend or relative to ride; run your own fundraising event to help those taking part; register to be a member of the support crew. The event will be enormous fun, interesting and done amongst friends and family. A dedicated website with all the information you could possibly want is being developed; Please bookmark it and keep an eye out for when it goes live in the next few days. We very much hope that the Regimental family will get behind this event enthusiastically, and more importantly help sponsor individual riders. In parallel, Regimental Headquarters will be seeking sponsorship for accommodation, bicycles, equipment and rider support.


The Peninsular War finally came to an end on 14 April 1814, following the abdication of Napoleon Bonaparte in Paris at the end of March. A party of Coldstreamers took part in a very moving commemoration in Bayonne exactly 200 years later. Led by the Regimental Adjutant, Simon Vandeleur, and accompanied by his wife Anita, the party included Andrew Napier, Simon Forster and Tony Maxse. Arthur Gooch and Evelyn-Webb Carter also joined the party which made for a fairly senior group. There are two small cemeteries just to the north of Bayonne and not far from the site of the final battle of the Peninsular campaign, known as the “Bayonne sortie”. The Coldstream cemetery was erected in the 1830s by the British Consul in Bordeaux and maintained by the Anglican Church in France, amongst others. In 1992 the sites were bought by the local Council, who now maintain them from time to time. We visited the larger of the two, which had been spruced up for the ceremonies. A Band played, wreaths were laid, speeches were made and it was all very “entente cordiale”, unlike events 200 years earlier when the French Garrison Commander had attacked the British positions, especially the 2nd Guards Brigade, during a night attack, causing much unnecessary loss of life, given that the war had ended. Six Coldstream officers were killed and their graves are in the cemetery. It is the oldest known British Military cemetery in existence. After the ceremonies we were invited to the Marie by Monsieur Le Mayor, where we enjoyed the hospitality of the Council and the citizens of the Town.

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Do you have a relation or ancestor who served in the Coldstream during WW1? If so you may have family photos, albums or letters home, which may be of interest to a wider audience. If you can help please email Ray Watson, [email protected]

The Ministry of Defence is planning to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Normandy Landings and are encouraging as many veterans of that campaign as possible to travel to France for the ceremonies. Help with funding could be available for those who might need it. Advice on how to obtain help with funding and how to register an interest in attending can be found in the attached letter but time is short - registration has to have been completed by 14 March.

Relevant documentation can be found here. - The Coldstream Guards MOD Website - The Guards Museum - The Guards Chapel - The Coldstream Guards Band