Coldstream Guards

Coldstream Guards. Welcome to the official website of the Coldstream Guards. The Coldstream Guards was founded in 1650 as Monck’s Regiment of Foot and was part of Cromwell’s New Model Army. It became known as the Coldstream Guards in 1670, on the death of General Monck, its first Colonel. It is the oldest regiment in continuous existence in today’s modern British Army. Its motto is “Second to None” or “Nulli Secundus”.

The Regiment consists of a Regimental Headquarters, the 1st Battalion (a war-fighting light role infantry battalion), Number 7 Company (a ceremonial company), the Regimental Band (a world famous marching band), and the Regimental Association (the veterans organisation). The Coldstream Guards has been at the forefront of recent British military operations serving in both Iraq (2005) and in Afghanistan (2007, 2009-10 and 2014).

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A service of commemoration will take place in St Paul's Cathedral, London on Friday 26th February at 1100 hours. If there are any Op Granby Coldstream veterans (those who served in the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards in 1991) and who wish to attend the service, then please contact Captain Matthews in Regimental Headquarters. Tel 0207 414 3263


The Meakin Memorial was erected in northern France by the family of Captain Herbert Percy Meakin, 3rd Battalion Coldstream Guards, who was killed during the battle of the Somme 28th September 1916. The memorial has slowly deteriorated over the years, is currently situated in the middle of a field between Ginchy and Les Boeufs and the surviving family no longer have the means to refurbish the memorial. A local enthusiast and military historian, Brian Smith, has made a plan and raised some money to have the memorial renovated and moved to the side of the field so that it can be appreciated by the many visitors to the area. He aims to raise £8,000 and has raised about £3,000 so far. He has received all the necessary permissions from the local French authorities. The Regiment supports his endeavours and encourages any Coldstreamer who wishes to find out more about the project to email Brian: [email protected] or if they prefer to contribute to his fundraising page they can do so on the following weblink:

There will be a ceremony at the refurbished memorial on 28th September 2016 to commemorate the event and the death of Percy Meakin, at which the Regiment will be represented.